Meet the leaders behind GENUS.

GENUS is led by a number of dedicated board members and key individuals committed to achieving our vision, goals and mission.


Professor Jennifer Botha


As the Director of GENUS, Jennifer continues to develope and implement strategic plans support palaeoscience research, nurture the next generation of palaeoscientists and make palaeoscience accessible to a wider community.

Dr Christine Steininger

Projects Director

As the Projects Director of Genus, Christine is developing a sustainable future for palaeoscience through strategic and operational planning.

Tandi Scott-Turner

Events and Science Engagement Coordinator

Tandi is is dedicated to science engagement, connecting our grantees and partners with the broader public.

Dr Mariëtte van der Walt

Science Communication Officer

Mariette is a science nerd with PhD in Zoology, and a passion for cave-dwelling bats. As a National Geographic – NEWF Africa Refocused fellow and published scientist, she has transitioned from academic research to science storytelling. As the Sci Comm Officer for GENUS, she enjoys combining her scientific curiosity with her creativity to bridge the gap between science and society.

Lungiswa Qongeni

Administrative & Finance Officer

As the Finance Officer at GENUS, Lungi Qongeni brings over 8 years of experience and a BTech in Cost and Management Accounting to the role. Passionate about finances and numbers, Lungi is dedicated to producing highly accurate financial reports and providing essential financial support and guidance across the university. Her expertise ensures financial stability and transparency, enabling GENUS to thrive in its groundbreaking research and educational endeavors.