Why Palaeoscience is important

What can the past teach us about our future? Everything.

From dinosaurs, mass extinctions and meteorite impacts to the evolution of our species, the Palaeosciences has always inspired wonder and intrigue.

The practical benefits of Palaeoscience span across many areas, including insights into modern human medicine and biological conservation to creating a love of learning and enabling positive societal change through a shared understanding of our human heritage.

As our knowledge of the Earth and human history expands, we begin to discover just how connected we all are, how the past impacts the future, and what we can do to protect our planet today and beyond.

Research Projects

Research inspired by a fossil collection unlike any other.

In the heart of Africa, where South Africa has an unmatched geographical record, our four major research themes provide unique insights into the story of life.


Evolutionary Processes

This theme includes studying the timing of evolutionary events, characterising the global geographic distribution of fossil taxa, investigating the nature of functional morphology, and exploring critical innovations in morphological evolution.


Cultural & Behavioural Evolution

This theme aims to explain key transitions in hominin behaviour and innovation.


Palaeo-environments and Palaeoclimates

This theme includes advancing the understanding of earth systems, ecosystems and biodiversity.

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