Tandi Scott-Turner

Events and Science Engagement Coordinator
University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg


Tandi Scott-Turner is a dedicated professional with nine years of invaluable experience at Genus: DSI-NRF Centre of Excellence in Palaeoscience. As a staunch advocate for advancing palaeoscience research, Tandi is wholeheartedly committed to empowering postgraduates and researchers, ensuring they have the support they need to thrive. Beyond her dedication to research, Tandi's passion for palaeoscience knows no bounds. With a an enthusiasm for science communication, she has pioneered various engaging initiatives to share the wonders of South African fossil and archaeological heritage with a broader audience, including TEDxJohannesburgSalon talks, Evolution Day and the Annual Lecture Series. Through these initiatives, Tandi brings the captivating world of palaeoscience to life, igniting curiosity and sparking a deeper appreciation for our rich scientific heritage, all whilst having fun!


Science Engagement