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The GENUS Research Grant enables researchers to achieve their greatest research ambitions while collaborating with one of Africa’s most inclusive Palaeoscience communities.

At GENUS, we know that we can only illuminate the origins of our world when individuals from all walks of life participate in palaeoscience research. That’s why we advocate for equal representation in science, actively transforming the palaeo-landscape throughout South Africa. Our diverse community of students, researchers, and partners has moulded our vision and mission to continue to enable real impact.


GENUS supports palaeoscience research through several funding streams: the DSI-NRF Centres of Excellence in Palaeosciences Funding Platform, the University of the Witwatersrand Research Council, NGO partners and donations. The GENUS Research Grant is up to R200 000 to be used within two consecutive years.


See the Funding Guide below.


  • Opens: 01 August 
  • Closes: 02 September 
  • Review: November 
  • Outcomes: December – January 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for a GENUS Research Grant?

GENUS has two categories for this grant: Category 1: Employed full-time as an academic or research staff member at a GENUS academic or museum partner institution (see FAQs under Prepare Your Application) while also having a PhD in one of the Palaeosciences disciplines. Category 2: A South African citizen/permanent resident full-time academic or research staff member working abroad at an academic institution while also having a PhD in one of the Palaeoscience disciplines. In this category, the applicant must apply to research the South African fossil or archaeological record that fits one of the research themes.

How much funding can I request?

The funding limit for an application is up to R200 000. The successful candidate must spend the funding within two consecutive years. GENUS supports this grant through the DSI-NRF Centres of Excellence in Palaeosciences funding platform and donations.

How much can my institution deduct for administrative costs?

Charges for overhead, administrative or indirect costs are not allowed.

What expenses can I include in my budget?

GENUS Research Grants cover expenses directly related to and essential to the project (e.g. travel, living expenses during fieldwork, supplies, research assistance, conferences, and other relevant expenditures). We do not offer funds for salaries, large equipment, or institutional overheads.

How many applications may I submit?

Only one application per person is accepted.

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