Cradle of Humankind Human Ancestors Dig  South Africa


Little Foot is one of the star attractions you will get to see on your visit. Photograph Dr Mariette van der Walt.

Delve into the heart of our shared heritage with an extraordinary journey to the Cradle of Humankind in South Africa, a UNESCO World Heritage site celebrated as the birthplace of humanity. This exclusive tour offers a unique blend of adventure, education, and hands-on experience in the world of palaeoanthropology.

Our journey begins in Johannesburg, a vibrant city where cultures converge, before venturing into the Cradle of Humankind, 50km (about 31 miles) northwest of Johannesburg. Here, under the guidance of renowned archaeologists José Braga, Bernhard Zipfel, and Dominic Stratford, participants will have the unparalleled opportunity to work alongside experts in excavations at the historic sites of Kromdraai and Sterkfontein.

Visit Sterkfontein and experience the thrill of active excavation in an exceptionally rich and extensive cave system. Photograph: Dr Mariette van der Walt

With over 40% of the world’s human ancestor fossils discovered here, the Cradle of Humankind offers an unrivalled window into our past. Participants will engage in excavation, lab work, and the analysis of ancient remains, contributing to vital research while uncovering the secrets of our ancestors.

This 14-day tour is a call to adventurers, history buffs, and anyone fascinated by the story of where we come from. Join us from September 14-27, 2024, for a journey back in time that promises not only to enlighten but to inspire. With accommodations, meals, and expert guidance included, all that’s left is for you to embark on this journey of discovery. A portion of the fees funds bursaries for black female South African palaeontologists, adding an enriching layer of purpose to your adventure and aiding in the conservation of this invaluable heritage.

Don’t miss this chance to contribute to sustaining our shared history while experiencing the thrill of discovery. Find out more about the tour here and book now for an unforgettable exploration into the Cradle of Humankind.


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