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Empower world-class black women researchers, answering questions about the origins of our shared humanity. Your contribution fuels groundbreaking research, grants, and collaboration with Africa's inclusive palaeosciences community at GENUS, University of the Witwatersrand. Join us in making a lasting impact on scientific exploration! Our longstanding commitment to creating opportunities and enabling access through open collaboration and inclusive research programmes knows no bounds.

88% and growing South African postgraduates

52 % and growing women postgraduates

43% and growing black women postgraduates

"That representation, setting an example for the next generation, has become a passion." 

- Dr Keneiloe Molopyane

Meet our first We Dig Fossil Grantees, Drs. Keneiloe Molopyane and Miengah Abrahams.

These talented early-career researchers are already leaving a significant mark in the field of palaeosciences!

Dr Keneiloe Molopyane

Dr Keneiloe Molopyane leads the excavations and research efforts at Gladysvaal, an important early human site. Her work extends beyond Gladysvaal, as she collaborates on excavations at other significant sites in the Cradle of Humankind, including Rising Star, Site UW105, and Malapa. Dr Molopyane's remarkable contributions to the field have earned her recognition as an Emerging Explorer by the National Geographic Society and an invitation to the esteemed Explorers Club 50.

Dr Miengah Abrahams

Dr Miengah Abrahams and her team conduct research in the picturesque Karoo region of South Africa, which has yielded numerous fossils. Their primary focus is on studying dinosaur footprints and fossil termites, fascinating creatures that played a significant role in shaping ancient landscapes through their natural engineering activities.

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By supporting Female Black Researchers, you are helping to address the gender and racial disparities in the scientific community and foster an environment of equal opportunities.

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Our organization has a proven track record of supporting research that leads to major discoveries with international scientific impact. Your contribution will play a crucial role in unearthing fossils that could reshape our understanding of human history and our planet!

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