Postgraduate Bursary

Take the next step to reach greater heights. Apply for a Genus Postgraduate Bursary!

Applying for a Genus Postgraduate Bursary in Palaeoscience is more than just seeking financial support; it’s an invitation to embark on an exhilarating academic journey unlike any other. This bursary isn’t just about funding—it’s about affirming your passion and potential in uncovering the Earth’s prehistoric mysteries. The Genus Bursary isn’t merely an opportunity; it’s a gateway to joining a community of scholars dedicated to unearthing the secrets of our planet’s history. Through this bursary, you’ll not only receive the resources you need but also the affirmation that your quest for knowledge is valued and supported. So, seize this chance to delve into the wonders of the past, push the boundaries of scientific inquiry, and leave your mark on the ever-evolving story of life on Earth. Apply for the Genus Postgraduate Bursary in Palaeoscience, and let your passion for discovery be ignited.


GENUS supports Postgraduate Bursaries through the DSI-NRF Centres of Excellence in Palaeosciences funding platform.

Refer to the NRF Framework for full and partial bursary amounts for Honours, Masters, and Doctoral.

How to Apply

  1. Review the NRF Framework and other relevant documents for eligibility and criteria before applying
  2. Review internal closing dates for your university. Each university has different closing dates. Check in with your university NRF Designated Authority at your university or the university website for more information
  3. To Apply, go to NRF Connect
  4. Enter your ORCID number. Need an ORCID number, register HERE
  5.  Click Apply to create an application and fill out the relevant information
  6. To ensure that the application comes to us for review, the information below is required under the Applications Category:
    • Select the full-time student (GENUS: CoE Palaeosciences does not support part-time bursaries)
    • Under Funding Opportunity, select CoE Palaeosciences using the scroll bar
    • Under Scholarship applying for, select Scholarship linked to NRF Funded Research using the scroll bar
    • Under NRF funded grant reference, enter 86073
  7. Email the GENUS team a completed PDF copy to Please send us your application to help GENUS track the progress of your application
  8. Incomplete applications and incorrect NRF funded grant reference numbers will be automatically rejected

To learn more about creating a successful grant application, click HERE

Open and Closing Dates


NRF Contact

Ms Malekgotla Finger, Professional Officer, NRF Research Chairs and Centres of Excellence (RCCE). Email:

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for a GENUS Postgraduate Scholarship?

For Honours, Masters and Doctoral Scholarships, you must have 65 or above marks to apply. Our funding allocations firmly adhere to the funding allocations outlined by the National Research Foundation Funding Framework: 95% of our bursaries are given to South African citizens/permanent residents and 5% to countries outside of South Africa. The Postgraduate Student must be based at one of the GENUS academic, research or museum partner institutions (see FAQs under Prepare Your Application).

Is there an age limit when applying for a Postgraduate Scholarship?

There is a cut-off age for each scholarship. Please refer to the NRF Postgraduate Framework for more details.

How do I apply for a Postgraduate Scholarship?

New applications are submitted through the NRF Connect System Make sure to select CoE: Palaeosciences. We recommend that you send us a copy of your final application to so we can track it.

If my application is accepted, does my scholarship come from the NRF?

The funds come from GENUS through the Department of Science and Innovation & National Research Foundation. The bursary is given directly to your host university. Your host university will process your bursary on your behalf.