Postdoctoral Fellowship

Develop yourself as a leader

The GENUS Postdoctoral Fellowship enables you to achieve your greatest research ambitions while collaborating with one of Africa’s most inclusive Palaeoscience communities.

The Postdoctoral Fellowship provides an opportunity to give time and resources to research productivity. A strong applicant will meet the three key elements: an emerging leader, a high-quality research project, and an active science communication platform.

At GENUS, we know that we can only illuminate the origins of our world when individuals from all walks of life participate in palaeoscience research. That’s why we advocate for equal representation in science, actively transforming the palaeo-landscape throughout South Africa. Our diverse community of students, researchers, and partners has moulded our vision and mission to continue to enable real impact.


GENUS supports Postdoctoral Fellowships through the DSI-NRF Centre of Excellence in Palaeosciences Funding Platform. The GENUS Postdoctoral Fellowship stipend is R320 000, plus R50 000 for research costs per annum for two consecutive years.

GENUS does not provide postdoctoral fellowships beyond the initial two years.


See the Funding Guide below.

Equity and Redress

The programme prioritizes support for suitably qualified applicants from designated groups in accordance with the South African National Imperative of equity and redress as outlined by the Department of Science and Innovation. This priority is given to South African citizens (excluding permanent residents) who are Black (African, Coloured, and Indian), women, and people with disabilities.

The equity targets for Postdoctoral Fellowships are:

  • 80% South African citizens and permanent residents;
  • 20% citizens from other countries, including the Southern African Development Community (SADC);
  • 80% Black (African, Indian and Coloured); and
  • 55% Female.


  • Opens: 01 August 
  • Closes: 02 September 
  • Review: November 
  • Outcomes: Feb – April (depending upon approval from the NRF)

NRF Contact

Mr Frank Mazibuko,

GENUS Contact

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for a Next Generation Palaeoscience (NGP) Postdoctoral Fellowship?

The NGP Postdoctoral Fellowship is open to all. Our funding allocations firmly adhere to the requirements outlined by the DSI-NRF Funding Framework: 95% of our fellowships will be given to South African citizens/permanent residents and 5% to countries outside South Africa. The Postdoctoral Fellow must work in any Palaeoscience discipline based at one of the GENUS academic or museum partner institutions (see FAQs under Prepare Your Application). The applicant should be in the completion stage or have a PhD in one of the Palaeosciences disciplines.

Is there an age limit when applying for an NGP Postdoctoral Fellowship?

The cut-off age for a Postdoctoral Fellowship is 35. In the event of extraneous circumstances, a motivation letter will be required.

I won’t have my PhD until after the grant deadline. Can I still apply?

You can apply if you are in the final stages of your doctoral degree. The funds will are released after we have a certified copy of your PhD certificate.

How much is the NGP Postdoctoral Fellowship?

The funding limit for a single proposal submitted by an applicant is R350 000 for two years. GENUS supports the NGP Postdoctoral Fellowship through the DSI-NRF Centres of Excellence in Palaeosciences Funding Platform.