Angela Effiom

Postdoctoral Fellow
Evolutionary Studies Institute, University of the Witwatersrand


Angela Effiom is an accomplished Palaeobotanist, currently serving as a postdoctoral fellow at the Evolutionary Studies Institute. Her research focuses on the study of palynomorphs from the Permian period, specializing in Palaeoenvironment reconstruction and Palaeoclimatic studies. She completed her PhD research on the late Quaternary palaeovegetation and climate of Lake St Lucia, KwaZulu-Natal, showcasing her expertise in the field of paleoclimatology. Angela's dedication to understanding past environments and climates through the analysis of plant fossils is invaluable in shedding light on Earth's history


Palaeobotany, Palaeoenvironment, Palaeoclimate

Fields of study

Palynological studies are being conducted on drill core material from the Klip River coalfield in KwaZulu-Natal, specifically targeting the Vryheid Formation within the Ecca Group of the Karoo Supergroup. The primary goal is to reconstruct the past vegetation and climate during that specific period. Additionally, the research aims to identify layers containing economically valuable highly combustible coals and assess the hydrocarbon potential of the area by studying the thermal maturity of the palynomorphs. To prepare the coal samples, chemical treatments involving 10% HCL, 40% HF, and 10% KOH are employed to dissolve carbonate, silicate, and Humic or organic materials before acetolysis. The assemblages of palynomorphs found in the samples reflect the composition of the parent plant communities, which are influenced by climate conditions. The coal deposits themselves act as vital records of paleoclimate change, and the quantity and color of the recovered palynoflora provide valuable information regarding the economic value of the coal and the hydrocarbon potential of the specific area where the coal was formed.

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