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In January 2024, I was awarded the GENUS Next Generation Palaeoscience Postdoctoral Fellowship for two years, spanning 2024 and 2025. The postdoc will be hosted by the University of Cape Town Department of Geological Sciences and the Human Evolution Research Institute at UCT. My postdoc is a fascinating continuation of my PhD work in the Kalahari, where I will focus on identifying behavioral differences between Earlier Stone Age (ESA) and Middle Stone Age (MSA) hominins in South Africa. I am forever grateful to GENUS for being part of my PhD and postdoctoral journey!
Dr Precious Chiwara-Maenzanise

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Cape Town Department of Geological Sciences and the Human Evolution Research Institute

My team and I have been working on the Kalkkop meteortite impact crater palaeolake sediments for a number of years now and this grant will help us finally resolve the age of the new cores we drilled in 2019. This is a crucial piece of the puzzle and we are excited to see this massive project delivers in 2024! This grant will help pay for OSL dating the lake sediments and allow us to develop a new age-depth model and reconstruct the past variability of the lake and local region.
Dr Robyn Pickering

Senior lecturer and co-director of HERI, Department of Geosciences and Human Evolution Research Institute , UCT

I always consider myself a hybrid, because although I am a geologist my research questions are informed by palaeoanthropology so to most funding bodies, I am rather not part of their required. However, the CoE has really appreciated the value and importance of my research endeavours with their support I can be at ease in conducting my research. In addition, their frequent career development initiatives have elevated not only my academic skills (writing, publishing, presenting, science communication) but also my learning and sharing in the Palaeosciences community. This has enriched my experience in research.
Silindokuhle Mavuso

Lecturer, Dept of Geology, Rhodes University & PhD Candidate, School of Geosciences, University of the Witwatersrand

I am incredibly grateful for the GENUS grant as it has allowed me to follow my passion for studying Karoo fossils. The grant covers my tuition fees at the University of the Witwatersrand, basic living expenses and fieldtrip expenses. This alleviates the financial strain that many students experience and allows me to share my research with my community, by publishing my research, posting images of my studies on social media and doing outreach – all of which allows me to achieve my goal of studying fossils and making people aware of the beautiful fossil richness of South Africa.
Erin Lund

MSc student, Evolutionary Studies Institute, Department of Geoscience, University of the Witwatersrand

What excites me the most about receiving the Genus grant is first and foremost the great networking opportunities it provides with other Genus grantees. Secondly, it provides me with development opportunities such as grants which give me opportunities to polish certain skills and being able to attend local and international conferences. All these benefits are particularly helpful in shaping a well-rounded researcher who has skills and knowledge beyond their research scope.
Enele Twala

MSc Student, Evolutionary Studies Institute, University of the Witwatersrand

Receiving the Genus bursary not only alleviates financial burdens but also enables me to focus wholeheartedly on my studies and research. Your support contributes significantly to my academic and professional growth, and I am confident that the skills and knowledge acquired will be applied effectively within the field of palaeoscience!
Onkabetse Sebogodi

MSc Student, Geology Department, University of the Free State

The research grants received from CoE in Palaeosciences enabled me to undertake research with my postgraduate students, who received hands-on academic training from me and research support from our broader palaeosciences community. This funding has also ensured that I and my students could partake in local and international collaborations, and produce quality publications. I am particularly grateful for the efficient management of these funds.
Professor Emese Bordy

Dept of Geological Science, University of Cape Town